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-- non-astronomy software from the Science Software Branch at STScI

  • Pandokia - a test management and reporting system
  • Cyrano - presentation tool for demos of interactive python code

The principal mission of the Science Software Branch (SSB) is to write/maintain software for astronomical data analysis, especially for the space telescopes that we support.

These pages are about other (non-astronomy) software that we have developed for our own purposes, but that we are releasing to the community in the hope that it will be useful to others.


"All your test are belong to us"

Tests are good. More tests are better. Lots and lots and lots of tests are... hard to manage. That's why we wrote pandokia.

Pandokia is designed as a lightweight test management and reporting system. It consists of a loosely coupled set of components that:

  • discover test files
  • configure the environment for each test
  • invoke external test runners to run tests (with concurrency possible)
  • gather and import test results to a database
  • identify missing test results
  • display browsable (CGI) test reports from the database

Any test runner, reporting tool, or analysis tool that complies with the interface between components can participate in the system.

The underlying model is simple: running a test creates a result record. Pandokia gathers the result records from multiple tests (that may be run at different times and on different machines) into a unified reporting system with a browsable user interface.

Pandokia knows how to run tests in Python, C, sh, and Pyraf. It can import data from test frameworks that can be made to produce Pandokia's plain text data interchange format or JUnit/XML.

read more | subversion | documentation under development


Cyrano is a tool for stepping and executing sequences of Python demo statements and is built around Tkinter and IPython. There are two primary panes to the Cyrano GUI, a description box which displays the comments and code for what you're explaining, and an interactive IPython shell where code can be typed or injected by pushing buttons.

read more | download - current release 0.1.4

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