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Welcome to the Pan-STARRS Published Science Products (PSPS) Wiki

News: July 2013: Loading 3PI PV1.2 steady. More details on the news page.

On this site we provide information about what the PSPS is and how to use it. We also provide sample queries to the databases and links to other tools that will help the users with their data analysis. We also provide mechanisms for users to ask questions, share their experiences, problems, and solutions, and to request/suggest new features.

As with any wiki, this site will be evolving constantly in content and appearance so you are encouraged to check it frequently for announcements of new features, bug reports, bug fixes, and new data products made available by the IPP.

Principal Components of the PSPS

These (read only) pages describe the key components of the PSPS.

Feedback, Comments, Problems, Requests

These pages are provided to allow the beta test community to ask questions, share information, report problems, and suggest new features for the PSPS, especially the ODM. They can be edited by the beta testers.

Odds and Ends

These pages provide additional useful information about the PSPS and how users might use it to address their scientific studies. These pages are also open for editing.

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