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Known Limitations, Bugs & Their Status

This page tracks known bugs that have been identified in the PSPS and their status.

June 17, 2010

I have identified a problem with some query rewriting that PSI does when it sends your query into the slow queue. This happens when you write a query that looks like

SELECT d.blanh1, d.blah2, ... FROM Detection d
     d.objID IN (SELECT objID FROM whatever WHERE however)

To cut to the quick, PSI wants to insert into this query "INTO mydb.tablename" after the list of attributes you want so the output is directed to your myDB. In fact, it is inserting the clause into the sub-query SELECT instead.

While I haven't checked all possibilities, I strongly suspect that this problem will occur with any sub-query SELECT. The workaround is to write the "INTO mydb.tablename" yourself to the primary SELECT and PSI will not attempt to add any others. This problem is on the "to fix" list and should be resolved shortly.

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