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PSI - The Pan-STARRS Science Interface

PSI is a web application that has been deployed by the PSPS development team. It is intended to provide users access to the data stores of the PSPS through their web browser. The PSI provides the following functionality to Pan-STARRS users:

  • Login and authentication to the PSPS data stores
  • A text box Query Submission Page. This simple interface allows query submission to any PSPS database (currently the ODM and SSDM) as well as the user's private MyDB. The user can select whether to send the query to the fast or slow queues. In the case of queries submitted to the slow queue, the result set is automatically loaded into the users MyDB.
  • A Menu Driven Query Builder that allows the construction of simple queries by selecting tables and attributes from a series of menus. The user can provide constraints on the attributes selected as well as possible spatial constraints (cone, box) on the search. This feature currently only works with the ODM. After building the query it is shown to the user in a text window where one can edit it if desired. As in the case to the text interface, one can select whether the query is submitted to the fast or slow queue.
  • A MOPS Query Builder that is designed for facilitating access to MOPS data products. It is similar in function to the menu driven query builder while being tailored for querying MOPS data sources.
  • A Queued Jobs monitoring page where one can examine the status of jobs which have been submitted. In the case of jobs that have been completed one can edit the query if desired and resubmit.
  • A "MyDB" management page. The user can examine the tables present in her/his private MyDB, examine the table structure, see how many rows are in each table, download the table as a CSV file, or delete the file from the MyDB. At this time only the ODM is able to insert result sets into the MyDB.
  • A Schema Browser help facility for review the schema of a database. This feature is currently limited to the schema for the ODM databases. The user can select a table and then see a summary of the data attributes it contains, including a brief description of the attribute.
  • A user Profile page where a user can change her/his login password and/or email address. The user can also specify how and when she/he should be notified by email regarding the completion of long running queries. Users are not allowed to change their PSPS login name.
  • A Logout button that ends the session and returns the user to the opening login page.
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