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DRL - The Data Retrieval Layer

The DRL is the unseen hub of the PSPS system. It sits between software that provides user access and the underlying data stores themselves. The DRL provides the access through web services implemented through SOAP calls. Only those users users who want to write their own access clients will interact with the DRL directly. An simple application programming interface (API) has been developed to allow one to develop such applications. We provide a simple example of a Perl applications that will access the PSPS ODM via the DRL.

The DRL also provides the internal mechanisms for routing result sets from the PSPS databases back to the user.

The DRL API allows the PSPS to expand to facilitatee the addition of new databases that can make science products created by PS1SC science servers available to the user community. The API has been demonstrated to work with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases.

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