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Useful Virtual Observatory (VO) & Other Tools

The PSVO application provides a link between the PSPS database and various tools for analysis and display. PSI also allows users to download result sets in formats suitable for the same tools (Comma Separated Variables (CSV), FITS binary tables, or VO Table). Once the results have been downloaded to the user's workstation there are many potential software tools available for data analysis, e.g., IDL, IRAF, and even "roll-your-own" software.

On this page we point out several pieces of software that fall in the category of Virtual Observatory tools. These tools can be very effective for a quick look analysis of the result sets that have been downloaded. All of these tools have been developed in JAVA by astronomers for doing astronomy. As they are written in JAVA they are platform and operating system independent.

  • VOPlot - a tool for visualizing astronomical data.

VOPlot is a product of the VO-India software development team. It supports 2-D (scatter, histogram, density, spherical projection) plots, 3-D plots (scatter, histogram, surface) plots, simple statistics, and data filtering. PSI provides a server-side implementation of VOPlot similar to what the Vizier developers at CDS in Strasbourg have implemented.

  • VOConvert - a tool for converting files from one format to another.

Another software package from VO-India, earlier called conVOT, provides ASCII to VOTable, VOTable to FITS, and VOTable to ASCII conversion.

  • VOStat - a tool for both simple and sophisticated statistical routines on large datasets.

A third package from VO-India.

  • TOPCAT - a Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables

TOPCAT is an interactive graphical viewer and editor for tabular data. The package allows for 2-D and 3-D plotting, table cross matching, data filtering and manipulation.

  • STILTS - Starlink Tables Infrastructure Library Tool Set

STILTS is a set of command line tools for processing tabular data. It provides for cross matching, format conversion, format validation, column calculation and rearrangement, row selection, sorting, plotting, statistical calculation, and metadata display. The software was developed as part of the now terminated Starlink Program.

If you would like to recommend some software tool or package that you think might be useful to others working with data from the PSPS please do so here, separating your recommendations with a horizontal bar.

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